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Housing Options and Resources After Aug 13 Louisiana Flood

In light of the massive destruction caused by the recent flooding in South Louisiana, we (Matt Moscona and myself) recorded this podcast to address some of the major concerns you all undoubtedly have at this time.

Tips to Remediate Your Home After the Flood

1. Buy a SheetRock Knife if you don’t already have one
2. Measure about one foot above the water line and remove all sheetrock up to that line.
3. Remove Insulation (likely to be all of it if the water soaked all throughout)
4. Take fans and put throughout the home to dry and humidify the home
5. Remove anything and everything in the home that took in water including appliances and furniture.
6. Ignoring these steps will open your home to mold very quickly

What Temporary Housing Options are available to those who may want to return to their homes after it’s been remediated? Are there enough rental options to meet the current demand?

I don’t think there are enough rentals and vacant, habitable housing available at this point to satisfy the current number of displaced Baton Rouge citizens. But I would encourage people to reach out to apartment complexes, privately owned multi-plexes and homeowners who had their homes on the market prior to the flood to see if they would consider renting as an option now.

What options are available to people who have no flood insurance and can’t afford to rebuild their homes?

The first thing I recommend they do is reach out to FEMA and apply for assistance there. FEMA will grant up to $33,000 to qualifying homes. Understandably $33,000 may not be enough for someone to repair and rebuild their homes. They may want to explore other options such as negotiating with the bank to put their home up as a shortsale and use their $33,000 as a down payment towards a new home.

Additional Resources for Louisiana Flood Victims:

Info about the 100% Disaster Loan – reach out to Erica Huber Whiddon with First Choice Mortgage, LLC

“100% disaster loan for displaced flood victims whose home or place of rent was made uninhabitable by the flood. Purchase only, no down payment, no income limits, no area restriction, 600 credit score, 31/43 debt ratio.

Habitat for Humanity BR is offering assistance to people who need help gutting their homes. Fill out the Disaster Assistance Form

From the EPA – A Guide to Mold, Moisture and Your Home

From the EPA – Flood Cleanup and the Air in Your Home

Louisiana Flood Resources

Watch out for Scams like this – Walker, LA Police Dept FB page

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I know many of you lost nearly everything if not everything. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with additional questions or concerns you may have. We will do our best to provide direction or guidance as we work to rebuild our businesses and lives together.


Several families within our very own office and company lost everything as well. For those of you who were not directly affected by this terrible disaster and would like to help us rebuild our families and spread the word to your friends, go to our GoFundMe page.

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